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Worth the Wait

Our newest blog post comes from one of our greatest advocates, Charles Shannon. Charles has been instrumental in helping transform the CCC from goal to reality. We want to thank him for his labor, and in this case for his inspiration.

A Word from Charles Shannon:

I joyfully served on the initial Advisory Board that gave vision to the Colley Community Center. I cannot wait for our first official board meeting next month and the CCC Open House in May 2024.

As I eagerly await these events, I am reminded that each date will represent another experience I get to share alongside other community members who care about the city of Norfolk broadly and the communities that surround the space that is being designated as the Colley Community Center.  


The anticipation I feel reminds me of the eager expectation of a young child awaiting Christmas morning to open a gift. Waiting can be a thrilling part of the experience- Even the careful removal of the bow and unwrapping of the gift contribute to the feeling of joy, satisfaction, and love. They remind the recipient that someone took time, intentionally and often sacrificially, to prepare and then deliver an amazing gift.  


I believe that Colley Community Center will be a gift to so many. It will be a gift to the young and the mature. It will be a gift across many cultures. More than anything else, it will be the people who visit the community center, the recipients of the gift, that will make the community center so special.

In that sense, as we finalize plans for the Open House in May 2024, we're thinking speficially of those who will participate in and benefit from our programs. We have our neighbors in mind with each and every decision we make. As we carefully plan and thoughtfully prepare to open our doors, I believe the CCC will be a gift* that many say was worth the wait. 

Thank you Charles, for your words and your wisdom!

*If this is a gift you're interested in investing in, please consider making a donation HERE, or if you'd rather help us transform our space, please consider purchasing something from our Amazon wishlist HERE.

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