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Who We Are

Our Mission

Our Mission

We strive to improve the lives of our neighbors by providing access to workshops that will promote personal growth and community flourishing. We are committed to offering content that is relevant, engaging, and transformative. 

Whether it's a budgeting course, a painting class, or a conflict mediation seminar, the CCC is a place where participants can gain insight on topics that impact their daily lives, and it's a space that encourages creative expression. 

Pottery Class
High School Friends

Our Vision

Conveniently located on Colley Avenue near Park Place and Colonial Place, we are dedicated to creating a welcoming environment that honors the lived experiences of all of our neighbors.

We envision a community center where individuals of all ages encounter learning opportunities that enrich their lives. Ultimately, we hope that our presence and our programs alike will strengthen relationships among Norfolk residents.

We aim to become a cultural hub in Norfolk, VA that seeks to celebrate our diverse community & invest in its thriving.

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