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Won't You be my Neighbor?

Updated: Jul 27, 2023

Dear North Colley Neighbor,

We are excited to join the ranks of great business owners, homeowners, apartment renters, and the likes here in what locals like to call the "NoCo" area of Norfolk, Virginia. We look forward to partnering with you and supporting you in the years to come.

Whether you're an ODU student, a resident of Park Place or Colonial Place, a patron of one of the delicious restaurants, a serviceman or servicewoman, or even a cyclist riding down the road, we hope we get the chance to know you and your story. You each play a part in making this such a vibrant area in the 757, and our aim is to become another bright spot in the neighborhood.

Here at the Colley Community Center (CCC), we will strive to serve our neighbors by providing learning opportunities that focus on either practical skills or the cultural arts (and in some cases, both!). To start, we will offer two courses a month. Each course will have at least two sections that will make the content accessible to multiple age groups. Whether it's a parenting course, a budgeting workshop, a mindfulness class, or even a crafting session, we will strive to provide content that is relevant and meaningful.

In 2020, our executive director, Christy Moore, received her PhD in education with curriculum development being a main focus of her research. Dr. Moore is thrilled to bring her expertise to a new project that engages a holistic approach to instruction and one that specifically seeks to attend to the needs and interests of the local community. She looks forward to collaborating with local experts and creatives to facilitate these bi-monthly courses.

In the future, we will aim to host book discussions, summer youth camps, and other community-focused programming. We will also work to develop a 3-tiered approach to mentorship focused on providing vocational, relational, and educational partnerships with community members seeking support in these areas.

As you can tell, we have big dreams. You'll hear us share our main mission as often as we can: to become a cultural hub that seeks to celebrate our diverse community & invest in its thriving. To put it another way, we long to become a fixture of flourishing in the neighborhood.

We will post upcoming workshops on our website as well as reminders on our social media platforms; we hope you'll join us for a class soon! Please drop us a line at to say hello or even to ask any questions you may have. And if you're interested in partnering with us, head over to the Support Us tab to find out more about how you can join in our efforts.

Sending much neighborhood love,

Your friends at the Colley Community Center

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