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When Collaboration Leads to Inspiration...

I have to start by saying I feel so fortunate. Working alongside people who inspire me is something I treasure. Whereas planning meetings have the potential to feel lifeless or even unproductive at times, I count myself lucky to leave meetings as of late with renewed energy and excitement about the work we're hoping to accomplish in Norfolk.

The CCC started as an idea that emerged in the midst of a conversation with my dear friend (and perhaps one of the most visionary leaders I have ever known) Charles Shannon. And I can't tell you who first proposed the idea. For anyone who knows Charles, this is what he does best: he invites people to share their passions and inspires them towards pursuit of those passions. This ability to motivate and mobilize- it's just in his bones.

And my former neighbor-turned-mentor Nicole Barnes... what can I say? She is the great connector. She sees value is others at every turn, and her brain seems to operate in a higher dimension than most of us. It's as if she can look above a social situation and draw imaginary lines between the people in the room who would benefit from being introduced to one another. Her creativity, her investment, her problem-solving- they all seem boundless.

So I wanted to take a moment to just pause and acknowledge these two and all their efforts to date. They have committed to taking on official board member roles starting in January, and I could not be more thrilled. They are already pouring into our city in their own ways, so to have their expertise and talent concentrated in part on making the CCC a strong and effective organization is such a gift. I love learning from them and dreaming alongside them.

If I stop and think about it for a moment, it's a spectacular thing that's happening. Even in the planning stages of the CCC, we are experiencing the benefits of community. Connections are being made. Personal growth is taking root. And we can't wait for this to extend far beyond the leaders and board members who are helping to get the CCC up and running this spring. If this is a preview of what's to come, then I cannot wait for our doors to open. Because getting to learn and evolve with the help of others is a pretty magical feeling.

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