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Updated: May 8

Well. We're getting closer. Cabinet doors are getting installed. Murals are in process. Feature walls are taking shape. Furniture is being delivered. Lights are being replaced. And it's incredible to see it all unfolding.

As the CCC is starting to have its own vibe, its own personality, we cannot help but feel grateful for the people who have made this possible. The volunteers who have hung drywall, the donors who given generous gifts, the friends and family members who have driven great distances to help... your efforts have not gone unnoticed.

Additionally, we have grown especially grateful for the people in the community who have no prior connection to the CCC who have jumped in and shown support. There's a book drive happening through one of the local civic associations! Local businesses are donating items to raffle! Community members are signing up to lead workshops! Regional companies are offering sponsorships! We have been blown away by the kindness of folks in the 757.

At the beginning of last month, we had the sincere honor of partnering with Rachael Fussell, owner of Mercy O, for an amazing fundraiser. Many of you were kind enough to stop in and shop to show support. And we'd just like to pause and say thank you again to Rachael for having us and for for joining us as well!

At this event, we raised money to help fund one of our commissioned murals. As Trevor Lucas, the amazing artist behind Anomaly Art Studio, has been doing his thing for the last week and making one of our walls come to life, we can't help but think of how Rachel's kindness has left a tangible impact on our space.

In just a few weeks, we will have our biggest (and perhaps most important) fundraiser of the year. On April 23rd, we'll participate in the #GiveLocal757 Giving Day. Many of you have already made generous donations over the last 9 months, but we hope you'll still consider participating on this important day. With the support of our 10 peer fundraisers, we're aiming to raise $5,000 in total seed money that will be used to pay for furniture, art supplies, books, murals, and more so that when we open our doors on May 18th, our Norfolk neighbors will find an inspiring space that encourages them to grow and build connection with others.

No gift will be too small. A $10 donation will cover the cost of 6-7 bottles of acrylic paint. A $20 donation will pay for 2-3 new books to add to our community bookshelf. A $50 donation will cover the cost of a gallon of paint we will use to transform our entryway. Just the same, a $200 donation will cover the cost of the wood and materials needed for two of our interactive mural installations and a $500 donation will cover the cost of security cameras.

We invite you to consider making a gift on April 23rd knowing that your generosity will have a direct impact on the space we are working hard to prepare for our community to enjoy. If you want to find out more ahead of time, check out our fundraising page here. We would love for you to spread the word and help us reach our goal on April 23rd. This 24 hour virtual fundraiser will help us open our doors and kick off our first two workshops in June with confidence.

For now, we're going to get back to the hammering, the painting, and the renovating. But as we're working, please know that we're thinking of each one of our donors and doing our best to make the very most of their investment. We are so grateful. And we feel so fortunate to be building something so beautiful with your help.

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